Rules of Conduct

When in the Park

  • When on Park grounds:
    • All dogs must have a current EPDOG tag attached to their collar
    • Owners must wear their lanyards
    • Limit: three dogs per one person at one time
  • Dog owners must follow all posted instructions and verbal requests by staff regarding Park use
  • All dogs must have an EPDOG Membership to use Eling’s Park
  • Day passes are not available; non-members will be asked to leave

Control Your Dog

  • Maintain control of your dog(s) both on-leash and off, at all times; you are responsible for your dog’s actions and behavior
  • Please clean up after your pet everywhere in the Park; Mutt Mitts are provided for your convenience
  • Have one leash per dog in your hand at all times (even when dog is off-leash) to ensure the safety of your pet
  • Keep dogs on-leash in all parking lots, sidewalks, and roads

Respect Other Users

  • Please respect special events and weddings by avoiding areas that are posted “Reserved” or have events in-progress
  • Exert extra care in Godric Grove and Singleton Pavilion as these areas are often reserved for special events and weddings
  • Please stay off wet playing fields
  • Obey “Field Closed” signs
  • For the safety of your pet and as a courtesy to other park users, stay off the playing fields while organized practice or play is in progress
  • Dogs must stay away from picnic sites and playgrounds while they are in use during events
  • Keep dogs away from Park maintenance crews and any maintenance operations

Dog Behavior

  • Do not allow dogs to run alongside vehicles
  • Prevent dogs from digging or otherwise damaging Park property
  • Do not allow dog to play in planters, wildflower areas, and hillsides, particularly the Veterans’ Memorial hillside due to risks of erosion
  • Overly aggressive dogs, dogs in heat, or dogs with any illness are not permitted in the Park at any time
  • Owners must disclose on their EPDOG application if their dog is currently subject to a restrictive order issued by an Animal Control Department
  • Elings Park is not responsible for the actions of dogs that are not EPDOG members

Owner Behavior

The following behaviors are not tolerated and are grounds for membership cancellation with no refund:

  • abusive display of temper
  • loud, abusive, or threatening language
  • use of profanity
  • obscene language or gestures
  • throwing of any object(s)
  • any behavior that could jeopardize the safety of a person and/or dog or cause property damage

Elings Park reserves the right to revoke memberships and/or membership privileges if any of these rules of conduct are broken.

Did you know?

Elings Park is an independent non-profit park operated with no government funding, we are dependent on public support through program fees (like EPDOG membership) or tax-deductible donations. The EPDOG membership fee helps offset the cost of maintenance, supplies and administrative costs associated with the off-leash program. You can help us keep costs down. Here’s how you can help:

  • Always pick up after your pet – everywhere in the park
  • Conserve Mutt Mitts – take only what you need for the job

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if a dog attacks my dog?

Dogs will be dogs and sometimes play rough, but aggression beyond normal dog behavior should be reported.

If your dog is involved in a dog attack, please:

  • Exchange information with the other dog owner, much like you would in a fender bender. Include: owner’s name, telephone number, and email address; dog’s name and Elings EPDOG number.
  • If you believe that the incident requires intervention, file an Incident Report at the Park administrative office.

If you or another person is bitten by a dog:

  • All dog bites or attacks on humans must be reported to Eling Park staff, and result in a report to Animal Control and immediate expulsion of the dog and owner from the Park.
  • Owners must disclose on their EPDOG application if their dog is currently subject to a restrictive order issued by an Animal Control Department

Why is it so important to pick up after my pet?

Park maintenance and staff have considerable duties to perform in the upkeep of our lovely park. They can work more efficiently if you do your part in picking up after your pet. Mutt Mitts are provided for your convenience with dispensers located throughout the park, as well as trash cans to dispose of trash.

Where can my dog get a fresh drink of water?

Dog water fountains are located at the entrance of the soccer fields, Floyd’s Memorial by the soccer field bathrooms, the softball fields, and Singleton Pavilion and Godric Grove bathrooms.

Where can I walk when a field or venue is closed or booked for another activity?

If your favorite location isn’t available, take the opportunity to explore our 230-acre park. A lovely stretch of lawn behind the ball fields is designated for dog play, for example, and miles of hiking trails weave through South Park which offer breathtaking views of the city and ocean.

Are dogs ever banned from the park?

Dogs, like humans, come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. Elings Park is open to all. When we have an incident that requires intervention, Park staff follows up accordingly. All dog bites and/or attacks on humans are reported to Animal Control and result in the dog’s immediate expulsion from the park.

Elings Park Dog of the Month

Penny Magoo


January 2020


King Charles Cavalier and Dachshund

Favorite Game

“Bottle Hockey” (chasing plastic bottles hit by a broom)

Favorite Treat

Chicken strips

At Elings

will run up to strangers and roll over for tummy rubs

Penny is our newest, but we’ve been bringing dogs to Elings almost every day for nearly 30 years. What an amazing place for both dogs and people.

EPDOG members Monica Kozlowski and Larry Lauer

Want your dog to be considered for Dog of the Month? Send your cutest photo taken at Elings Park to Brian Keefer at bkeefer@elingspark.org.

Support the Park

Elings Park is not operated by the city or county. We depend on user fees and public donations to maintain and improve the park. You can help.

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