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Birthday party? Graduation celebration? Elings Park’s three picnic sites are available for rental during the day. See details below.

To reserve a Picnic Site and for more information, please contact Elings Park at info@elingspark.org (805) 569-5611. **Site Availability is only valid at time of inquiry. Rentals are not confirmed unless you have submitted a Rental Agreement, rental fees have been paid in full AND you receive a confirmation email with a receipt from Elings Park Staff**

Rent one of Elings Park’s three beautiful picnic sites for your next fun-filled gathering.

Cappello Picnic Site

Located near a large playground area in the Castagnola Softball Complex. Our most popular picnic site, Cappello, features a blue shade canopy, and barbecue. Seating includes two rectangular tables and six hexagonal tables.

Fenton Davison Picnic Site

Located behind the Castagnola Softball Complex’s Field 3 and close to Sliding Hill, the Fenton Davison site offers both sun and shade, a large barbecue, and seven six-foot tables.

Pine Grove Picnic Site

Adjacent to the soccer fields and just up the hill from Cappello, Pine Grove picnic area features a built-in serving table and large barbecue. Shaded by beautiful pine trees, it has four five-foot and five eight-foot picnic tables.

Picnic sites can be rented from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and all can accommodate up to 75 guests.
Exclusive use of playgrounds or play areas is not included in picnic area reservations.

Rental Details

Picnic Site Rental Fee: $250

  • All reservations must be arranged through the Elings Park administrative office, either in person, by phone at (805) 569-5611, or via email at info@elingspark.org.
  • To Reserve a date and Picnic Site, we require a completed rental agreement and payment in full of rental fee. Dates and sites cannot be held.
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Picnic Area FAQs

Thank you for your interest in renting one of our beautiful picnic areas for your event. Please find the answers to some frequently asked questions below. We look forward to having your event at Elings Park. Please contact the Elings Park Office at: info@elingspark.org or (805) 569-5611 with any questions or for more information.

What do we need to do to reserve a picnic area?

To reserve a picnic area, please submit the completed Rental Contract, along with Payment in full of the Rental Fee of $250.00. Picnic Site availability is only valid at time of inquiry.

What times are the picnic areas available to rent?

All Picnic Areas, Cappello, Fenton Davison and Pine Grove can be rented from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What about music?

IF music is part of your event, ALL music must be kept to a minimum level, especially if there are games on the fields. Please refer to your rental contract, Section 2.

Are we allowed to have bands?

Unfortunately, we do not allow any live music, amplified bands, amplifiers or boom boxes at the Picnic Areas. A small, handheld Bluetooth personal speaker is allowed and your sound will be monitored by our Park Hosts.

What is included in the picnic area rental?

The rental includes the picnic area for the rental times on your rental contact, ability to serve alcohol, complimentary parking for you and your guests and access to restrooms. Our maintenance staff will clean the site prior to your event reservation. Any playground or play area is NOT INCLUDED in your Picnic Area Rental.

What type of decorations are we allowed to have?

Decorations or signage are allowed. However, nails, screws, heavy tape, staples, or other damaging types of ways to secure decorations/signs are prohibited. String or zip ties are okay and MUST be removed during clean up and before your rental time ends. No tying or hanging items on Blue Canopy at Cappello Picnic Area.

Are we allowed to have open flames?

We have a strict no flame policy and that includes all type of candles, enclosed or not, sparklers and tiki-torches. Charcoal or briquettes only are allowed for grills-no wood allowed. It’s always fire season in Santa Barbara.

What type of Insurance is required?

A Picnic Site Rental at Cappello, Fenton Davison, or Pine Grove Picnic Sites, insurance is not required.

Can we bring our dog to the picnic?

We LOVE our four-legged guests but they must be current members of Elings Park’s Dog Membership Program to be at the park. Please see our website for more information on how you and your pup can benefit from the program, https://elingspark.org/epdog/

How many guests can be have at our picnic?

Cappello, Fenton Davison and Pine Grove areas can accommodate a maximum 75 people. Elings Park follows any current guidelines on maximum allowed people per State & SB County Public Health Departments.

Where do guests and vendors park for picnics?

ALL parking for your event will be in the parking lot adjacent to the Softball Fields or in a marked spot along the main road of the park. Vehicles are NOT ALLOWED on walkways, fields, grass areas or in picnic areas. We recommend wagons, hand trucks or carts to transport any items to/from picnic area.

Can we use an outside vendor for our event?

All Vendors must be approved in writing by Elings Park before they are permitted to work at the park. Any catering vendor must have a current Santa Barbara County Public Health Dept. Permit.

Do the picnic areas have lighting?

The picnic areas do not have lighting past Sunset so we recommend all event and cleanup completed prior to the Rental End Time.

Is alcohol allowed in the picnic areas?

You may bring your own alcohol and it may be served and consumed as a condition of an executed rental agreement. Alcohol may only be served to adults over the age of 21. Selling alcohol is prohibited.

Are we responsible for clean-up after the event?

Your site will be cleaned prior to your rental start time. You, the renter, are responsible for cleaning the site at the end of the venue rental time. The picnic areas do not have lighting past sunset and cleanup must be completed by the Rental End Time. We have two dumpsters located at the back of the Park’s Office Parking lot where you can dump your trash at the end of the event. You are responsible for leaving the venue in the same clean condition it was upon your arrival.

Does rain automatically cancel my picnic?

If inclement weather makes the conditions unsafe for your event, we can reschedule your event to another date, subject to availability. Please carefully read Section 16 of the Rental Contract.

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