Business Use of Park or Facility

Elings Park provides people with places to connect to the natural environment and to recreate. With that understood, at times there are opportunities for businesses to use Elings Park properties that enhance the user experience or fulfill a community need.

Business operations include, but are not limited to: sale, rental or promotion of merchandise or service; the provision of a paid service or program. Examples include:

  • Sales meeting
  • Fitness class
  • Personal sports coach
  • Arts and crafts class
  • Commercial film shoot
  • Park concessionaire
  • Business reception
  • Athletic leagues
  • Kids Camp
  • Product demonstrations
  • Animal training
  • Billboarding or featuring wrapped and/or logo-ed vehicles on property
  • Solicitation of clients
  • Food booth at an event
  • Get Started: Business Park Rental Instructions

In order for a business to operate in or on Elings Park property, a business must request permission from the Elings Park Foundation and be properly permitted for the activity.

Please follow the steps below to get started.


Review the criteria under which a business may operate on Elings Park property. A business may operate on Elings Park property under the following scenarios:

  • The business is contracted with the Elings Park to provide a special service such as public safety or information.
  • The business operation is approved through a lease agreement.
  • The business has reserved a Elings Park facility or park to provide a one-time service or activity to invited guests.
  • The business wishes to operate a scheduled or programmed activity to invited guests (recreation program, camp, fitness, instructional class).

Review the criteria that the Elings Park will use to make a decision on approval. Requests for reserved or permitted park use, whether commercial, not-for-profit or private will be based on the following criteria:

  • The proposed activity does not conflict with other public park uses, impede care and maintenance of the park, detract from general park visitor use or enjoyment or directly compete with:
  • Elings Park operated or contracted program
  • The activity is being provided to invited guests only
  • Elings Park rules, regulations and processes have been abided to in the past
  • There are no outstanding fees or charges
  • Elings Park will approve all marketing or public-relations materials that mention the Park

Please be prepared to provide the following:

  • Signed lease agreement with rental fees
  • Audited financials for annual business permittees
  • Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Insurance naming Elings Park as “Additional Insured” with a minimum of $1 million coverage
  • Letters of recommendation and references

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