Adult Kickball

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Adult Kickball Rules and Regulations

Elings Park Fall 23 Kickball Rules:

  • Have fun!
  • If you drink, drink responsibly. If you drink too much leave your car parked overnight.
  • Standard softball/baseball rules. Plus, the ones below.
  • 8 players on the field at one time. 1 Catcher, 1 Pitcher, 6 others anywhere you want them in the field.  (6 players minimum)
  • 12 players maximum per roster per game.
  • Do the best to the team’s ability to rotate between genders in your kicking line up.
  • Kicking rotation is continuous even if they did not play in the field that inning.
  • You cannot change your kicking rotation after the game starts.
  • 3 foul balls and you are out.
  • 2 balls and the kicker is walked. It’s hard to throw out of the large batter box strike zone.
  • The Strike Zone is the entire batter box.
  • You can throw the ball at the kicker to get them out.
  • If a player slides or jumps and the ball hits their head and ankles its a fair throw.
  • You cannot kick the ball at the runner to get them out. You must throw it!
  • All playoffs and championship games will be a coin toss for home field.
  • All games are 6 innings or game ends at 1 hour 10 minutes after scheduled start time. The entire inning will be completed.
  • Extra innings to resolve a tie are ok if the game finishes in 1 hour 10 minutes.
  • No Leading off. You cannot move off the base until the kicker makes contact with the ball.
  • Umpires-
    • Each team volunteers their players in a rotation to umpire the other games.
    • 1 umpire per game.
    • If an umpire makes what you think is a bad call, respectfully leave it be as we are all human and make mistakes.
    • Umpire without bias.
    • What the umpire says goes. If their calls don’t seem fair maybe give them a beer or two.
    • Have fun and enjoy!
  • Pitcher-
    • Ball must be pitched over the plate and kickable.
    • NO bouncing un-kickable throws
    • Can throw slow or fast, but pitch so people can kick the ball.

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