Adult Softball

Thursday Co-Ed

2022 Spring | Thursday Lower Co-Ed Champions: Scared Hitless

1 – Not your mom’s band
2 – Ain’t no Lawz
3 – Hustle Sprouts
4 – Swangin’ On DzBallz
5 – Bob-ombers
6 – Where my Pitches at?
7 – Space Bats

DATEField 1 6:30PMField 1 7:40PMField 1 8:50PMBYE
06/02/22Mom's Band 6 vs Lawz 13Hustle 12 vs SODz 12Bob-ombers 14 vs WAMPA? 13Space Bats
06/09/22Spacebats 5 vs Bob-ombers 17Mom's Band 8 vs Lawz 16SODz 15 vs WAMPA? 22Hustle Sprouts
06/16/22Mom's Band vs WAMPA?Lawz vs SpcaebatsBob-ombers vs HustleSODz
06/23/22Bob-ombers vs SODzWAMPA? vs SpacebatsHustle vs LawzMom's Band
06/30/22WAMPA? vs HustleLawz vs SODzSpacebats vs Mom's BandBob-ombers
07/07/22SODz vs SpacebatsBob-ombers vs LawzHustle vs Mom's BandWAMPA?
07/14/22Mom's Band vs Bob-ombersSpacebats vs HustleSODz vs WAMPA?No Lawz
07/21/22SODz vs HustleWAMPA? vs Bob-ombersLawz vs Mom's BandSpace Bats
07/28/22WAMPA? vs LawzSOD'z vs Mom's BandSpacebats vs Bob-ombersHustle
08/04/22WAMPA? vs Mom's BandBob-ombers vs HustleLawz vs SpacebatsSODz
08/11/22SODz vs Bob-ombersSpacebats vs WAMPA?Hustle vs LawzMom's Band
08/18/22Hustle vs SpacebatsMom's Band vs SODz
08/25/225 vs 43 vs 67 vs 2
09/05/22winner (5 vs4) vs 1winner (3 vs 6) vs winner (7 vs 2) Championship

4Not Your Mom's Band03050
1Ain't no Lawz40015
6Hustle Sprouts02143
7Swangin' On DzBallz02151
3Where are my Pitches at?31042
5Space Bats03051

5 minutes grace period first game only.
Must start with 8 players (3 Women and 3 Men in Co-Ed). NO EXCEPTIONS!

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