Adult Softball

Thursday Co-Ed

Fall 2022 | Thursday Lower Co-Ed Champions: Bomb-omers

  1. Here 4 the Beer
  2. BBTV
  3. 7th Inning Stretchers
  4. Peppy’s Revenge
  5. Bob-ombers
  6. Vertical to Horizontal
Schedule is subject to change, please check it before each game

DATEField 1 6:30PMField 1 7:40PMField 1 8:50PM
September 21stHere 4 the Beer 10 vs BBTV 127th Inning 17 vs Peppys 24Bob-ombers 11 vs Vertical to Horizontal 15
28th7th Inning vs Bob-ombersBBTV vs Vertical to HorizontalHere 4 the Beer vs Peppys
October 5thHere 4 the Beer vs Vertical to HorizontalPeppys vs Bob-ombers7th Inning vs BBTV
12thBBTV vs PeppysVertical to Horizontal vs 7th InningBob-ombers vs Here 4 the Beer
19thVertical to Horizontal vs PeppysBob-ombers vs BBTV7th Inning vs Here 4 the Beer
26thVertical to Horizontal vs Bob-ombersBBTV vs Here 4 the BeerPeppys vs 7th Inning
November 2ndBob-ombers vs 7th InningPeppys vs Here 4 the BeerVertical to Horizontal vs BBTV
9thBBTV vs 7th InningHere 4 the Beer vs Vertical to HorizontalPeppys vs Bob-ombers
16th 5 vs 4Winner 5 vs 4 vs 13 vs 6
30thWinner 3 vs 6 vs 2Championship:

4Here 4 the Beer112
67th Inning Stretchers124
3Peppy’s Revenge117
2Vertical to Horizontal111

5 minutes grace period first game only.
Must start with 8 players (3 Women and 3 Men in Co-Ed). NO EXCEPTIONS!

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