Adult Softball

Thursday Lower Men

Spring 2022 | Thursday Lower Men’s League Champion: JB Angel’s

1 – Down 4 Whatever
2 – El Sandlot
3 – Just Play Ball
4 – Thomas Towing
5 – AVM
6 – Padres y Borrachos
7 – Dingers only

DATEField 2 6:30 PMField 2 7:40 PMField 2 8:50PMBYE
06/02/22Down 32 vs Sandlot 29Dingers vs Thomas
Moved to August 18th at 8:50pm
AVM 17 vs Padres 20Just Play Ball
06/09/22Just Play Ball13 vs AVM 15Down 19 vs Thomas 5Sandlot 18 vs Padres 17Dingers
06/16/22Sandlot vs DingersDown vs PadresAVM vs Just Play BallThomas Towing
06/23/22AVM vs ThomasPadres vs DingersJust Play vs SandlotDown 4 Whatever
06/30/22Sandlot vs ThomasPadres vs Just PlayDingers vs DownAVM
07/07/22Thomas vs DingersAVM vs SandlotJust Play vs DownPadres
07/14/22Down vs AVMDingers vs Just PlayThomas vs PadresEl Sandlot
07/21/22Thomas vs Just PlayPadres vs AVMSandlot vs DownDingers Only
07/28/22Thomas vs DownPadres vs SandlotDingers vs AVMJust Play Ball
08/04/22AVM vs Just PlaySandlot vs DingersPadres vs DownThomas Towing
08/11/22Thomas vs AVMDingers vs PadresJust Play vs SandlotDown 4 Whatever
08/18/22Just Play vs DingersDown vs ThomasDingers vs Thomas
08/25/225 vs 43 vs 67 vs 2
09/02/22winner (5 vs 4) vs 1winner (3 vs 6) vs (7 vs 2)Championship

1Down 4 Whatever30047
4El Sandlot22084
2Just Play Ball21038
7Thomas Towing02037
6Padres y Borrachos13076

5 minutes grace period first game only.
Must start with 8 players (3 Women and 3 Men in Co-Ed). NO EXCEPTIONS!

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