Adult Softball

Wednesday Lower Co-Ed

Summer 2021 | Wednesday Intermediate Co-ed Champion: AATB

1 – AVM
2 – Where my pitches at?
3 – Carpe Data
4 – Happy Dugout
5 – Beaver Beaters
6 – Goleta Goobers
7 – Brewers

DATEField 2 6:30 PMField 2 7:40 PMField 2 8:50pmBYE
02/02/22Goobers vs BrewersBeavers vs HappyCarpe Date WMPA?AVM
02/09/22AVM vs Carpe DataGoobers vs HappyBrewers vs WMPA?Beavers
02/16/22Goobers vs WMPA?Brewers vs AVMCarpe Data vs BeaversHappy
02/23/22Carpe Data vs HappyWMPA? vs AVMBeavers vs BrewersGoobers
03/02/22WMPA? vs BeaversBrewers vs HappyGoobers vs AVMCarpe Data
03/09/22Happy vs AVMCarpe Data vs BrewersBeavers vs GoobersWMPA?
03/16/22Goobers vs Carpe DataAVM vs BeaversHappy vs WMPA?Brewers
03/23/22Happy vs BeaversWMPA? vs Carpe DataBrewers vs GoobersAVM
03/30/22WMPA? vs BrewersAVM vs Carpe DataGoobers
04/06/22Happy vs GoobersBeavers vs AVMBrewers
Carpe Data
04/13/225 vs 43 vs 67 vs 2
04/20/22(w 3 vs 6) vs (w 7-2)(w 5-4) vs 1Championship

Where My Pitches At
Carpe Data
Happy Dugout
Beaver Beaters

5 minutes grace period first game only.
Must start with 8 players (3 Women and 3 Men in Co-Ed). NO EXCEPTIONS!

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